Askhole’s Anonymous

askhole1We’ve all met them – the coworker with a problem that ignores your solicited advice; the friend who cries for help, then sloughs off your hard-earned wisdom; your teenager who comes to you with dating issues only to tell you how wrong you are. Annoying, time-consuming mutants that invade our world without warning and often spew their noxious demeanor creating a pollutant so damaging the EPA is called in.

Just as Alcoholics Anonymous helps those with addiction issues, we as a society should introduce a different form of AA – Askhole Anonymous – and lead off with a similar prayer.

The Askhole’s Prayer

Lord, grant me the self-control to not ask the questions I already know the answers to; the courage to admit stupidity; and the ability to shut the hell up. askhole4

Kindness will be given, and will be received,

Please, Lord, don’t let them be peeved.

Trusting that they’re usually right, that’ll take all of my might.

And that I may be content with their knowledge,

I know I will be, if only I may ask one more question of thee.

Lord, please grant patience toward those who helped,

And show mercy in their attempts to flee.

An open forum where needy people can gather and support one another as they traverse through the minefield that is self-confidence and awareness. It would be here that they may learn the necessary skills of respectful communication. Either that or banish them to an island in the middle of the Pacific.

askhole3 Do you or a loved one suffer from this debilitating condition? Do you have a problem you can’t quite figure out? Drop by and share your suffering with unsuspecting strangers now for a free, no charge consultation that you’ll be sure to ignore! Why wait? Bloggers are standing by! Comment now!


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