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The High Cost of Happiness

Behind the snow-capped mountains lies a country steeped in culture and contentment. In present day the people of Bhutan still protect their way of life all the while embracing the challenges modern technology bring. This week’s celebration of Earth Day … Continue reading

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Askhole’s Anonymous

We’ve all met them – the coworker with a problem that ignores your solicited advice; the friend who cries for help, then sloughs off your hard-earned wisdom; your teenager who comes to you with dating issues only to tell you … Continue reading

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Your Disorder is Showing

Personality disorders are as fascinating as the disorder itself. Let’s face it. We’ve all met someone in our lifetime that’s suffered from an unbridled disorder. We know there’s something not quite right them, they know there’s something not quite right … Continue reading

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A Relatively Timely Blog Entry

Time. It’s relative and usually there’s not enough of it (time that is, not relatives; I have an abundance of those). My last blog,, was terminated in 2010 due to my lack of time. Now some four years later … Continue reading

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